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I believe fully in education and trying to better ones self and to learn somthing new every day.  I think this happened when I was living & training in the Chicago area.  I had the pleasure of meeting so many educators who taught me so much.  Even though I have degrees I didn’t necessarily want- I have fipped them to what I need to put them to excellent use.

So you may be wondering what exactly is my education other than that of what you’ve read in “About Dance”, seeing that I spent almost a decade of summer’s living in Chicago learning & training.

I have an Early Childhood Developement and Dance degree in which was trained in the Cecchetti Method  from Presentation College.  At NSU I was a tripple major in Elem. Edu (with a Middle School Endorsement), Biology & Physchology.

On top of my continueing education in Dance. I have continued my education by completing 3 Life Coaching Certifications as well as Certifications in NLP & CBT.  I also do specialized dance training every year.

My belief is that if you are not growing or changing then you are not learning how to do new things. I believe in growth be it in my own personal journy or the kids I teach.



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Be sure to check back often. My goal is to turn this into a carousel.  Here you will see me as a dancer, teacher and me in life. 

About Dance

The Instructor: Karen L. Enger has been involved in Dance since childhood & physical fittness as a teen.  During her teen years she accepted a full Dance Scholarship at the world renowned Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago Dance Center, Karen maintained her dance scholarship for a number of years gaining knowledge & experience to further her education in dance, with an emphasis in technique training and teaching skills. 

Karen has trained under the best instructors, including Gus Giordano, Frank Hatchett, Joe Termaine, Robbie Mackey, Janis Barringer, Roni Mahler, Bob Rizzo, Jo Rowan and many other talented figures in the world of dance. She furthers her education every year in dance.

Some may be surprised to learn that Karen was also an I.D.E.A. certified Aerobics & Fittness Instructor at the YMCA during her high school and early college years. She was an Aerobic instructor for Doctor’s & Nurses in an outreach program for years through the YMCA. She was also certified as a Nautilus Trainer through the YMCA and regularly worked with the University’s athletic participants.  Karen has been on faculty at Presentation College & Nothern State University as a Jazz Dance Instructor, Jazzercise Instructor and as a Biology Lab Teacher.  And this was all going on while she was also teaching & taking classes herself.   While earning her degree’s & certifications.



What do I like to do

Cecchetti Ballet


Jazz & Tap


Pointe & Modern