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Welcome to the premiere dance studio, that is devoted to the fine art of dance.

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Dancer’s at EDS

Dancer’s at Enger Dance Studio gain the obvious of having long lasting friendships. But that comes from being in classes that, developed Confidence in each & every dancer.  Say that I show them a step that looks too hard for them to do. Then through my Skills, use of Technique & my specialized Eductaional Training, along with work ethic & some Time Management. I am able to teach them & give them the ability to do it.  Which inturn gives them “success” and a solid foundation outside of dance to build upon, by applying the same concepts we used in dance to anything they need to do or accomplish outside of dance for a Lifetime.

First Impressions are everything & my dancer’s have the confidence, self-awareness of their body, their Mind, posture & breath to dismiss self doubt to Succeed.   From level 1 on they are constantly learning, which builds confidence.

Dance also teaches Respect for ones self & others. Teamwork along with a strong sense of Self.  Dancing also teaches that failure means growth.  If you don’t fail, you are not growing as a person or a dancer. Learning that failure leads to success if you keep trying, will lead the dancer to success.

You will be taught steps that you may find to be difficult to do in the beginning, but you will be able to accomplish them to perform on stage with the proper guidance, specialized training, technique  & skills that are offered at Enger Dance Studio.





Our Philosophy

Welcome to Enger Dance Studio.

The premiere dance studio that is devoted to the fine art of dance.

Emphasizing artistic achievement and physical education through Dance.

Where if the dancer dreams it & Believe’s it. They can Achieve it! 

With…..a little hard work & sweat.

Dancers at EDS acquire confidence, poise, elegance & grace that only a true dancer achieves throught the disciplines of dance.  A true treasure that is carried with them , throughout the rest of their life. 

Dancer’s also gain long lasting friendships by studying dance in a nuturing  and funfilled enviroment.


We Are the Premiere Dance Studio in Your Area.

" My daughter danced at the Enger Dance studio from the age of 4 all the way through her senior year of high school. She transformed from an extremely shy child, who I never thought would dare get on a stage, to a beautiful young lady who found a love for performance through her years of dance. I am thankful for all that dance has brought to her life in a way of strength, grace, poise and confidence. Karen Enger has been a valuable mentor for my daughter through the years and I am grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to be her student."

Dawn Hedlund, mother to Avery Hedlund

"Some of my biggest influences growing up stem from my time dancing with EDS. I started dancing with Karen when I was 4 yrs old, one of her first classes in Badger. I was a very shy, quiet girl that would hardly let go of Karen's side, but with her guidance and belief in me, I grew into a confident, independent high schooler and now adult. I was enrolled at EDS for 12 yrs, which means I spent countless hours learning how to dance and what it really meant to be a dancer. Karen held all of her students to very high standards, she made sure we were dressed appropriately, had our hair in a bun etc. She also always challenged me. In the moment I had no idea she was doing it because she cared so much and knew I could handle it. The perseverance to keep trying, keep practicing is still engrained in me today. so not only did I learn multiple styles of dance, But from a very young age, I also learned confidence, perseverance and respect. All very important life lessons & skills. I will never forget my time "Dancing".

Mariah Modahl, past student

Friends ask me why my kids take dance? My kids take dance because I want them to make life long friendships, to not quit when tired, to learn about life & discipline. To learn how to take care of their body, to learn how to work with others & accomplish goals. To get up off the floor when a step goes wrong. For them to also learn that it takes hours upon hours of hard work & practice to create a champion and that success doesn't happen over night. They are not sitting in front of a screen....they are learning how to make & accomplish goals! That's why my kids dance at EDS.

Jennifer, parent

...."In my life today, I still see many fruits from my time with EDS. I see how the perseverance, discipine, focus, and grit developed in class has spilled over into my professional & personal life. it introduced me to beautiful art, specifically, the often considered high-class taste for ballet and childlike enjoyment of dynamic tap numbers in American musicals. It has inspired me to continue to live an active lifestyle. Exercise is crucial for healthy living, and exercise can be extremely fun when done through dance. This joy cannot be replaced in my life. I have had more physically intense experiences in my life. I have had more joyful experiences in my life. But seldom, if ever, have I ever had such a coordinated blend of the two......

Ryan M, past dancer